Monday, 14 January 2013

Choosing Life

... And so another New Year begins, and our hero finds himself with yet another series of good intentions.

This year I decided to:
  • Cut down on chocolate
  • Do more exercise and be more active
  • Join a club and make a few new friends (several are married off and with child now) 
  • Learn to drive. 
So how's it going so far?

Give up chocolate? Never

Says it all really. I've gotta be honest with you, my friend, I love chocolate too much. You've heard the Queen song 'I'm in Love with my Car'? Well, for me, it's 'I'm in Love with my Chocolate Bar'!

If you're shaking your head, tutting in disgust or both, you try resisting the big bags of Maltesers at half price. Go on. I dare ya!

But it's not all bad news. I've cut down on caffeine, I'm drinking more water and eating more fruit. I've also given up the Greggs breakfast sausage rolls, exchanging them for bananas instead. Oh and my skin condition is clearing up slightly too. Hooray!

Me? Exercise?

I used to be really active. In my twenties, it was running and the gym. In my early thirties, it was the gym, spinning classes, which I particularly loved, and swimming. For the benefit of the tape, I promise I wasn't splashing round in the pool. Oh okay, just a little bit, then....!

These days not so, but I'm trying to change that. Was struck down with flu on New Year's Day, which just about wiped me about for the next few days. Still got a vicious cough that won't go away, no matter how much medicine and flu capsules I hammer it with.

So at the moment, I walk both to and from work instead of catching the bus, which is an hour each way on these short legs of mine. As soon as this cough goes on its way, I'll be enrolling in my rollerblading lessons. Been wanting to rollerblade for some time now, but I'm not steady enough to make a hasty exit from the kids at the skate park in Gorgie or be sure I won't end up under a bus! I'll also be swimming again (safer!).

Friends to the End
Poor health is no excuse for not making friends. Managed to indulge myself further in my horror film interest and joined the city's horror film society. Went out for a pint the other night, followed by a gallon of Diet Coke in front of the family film that is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2013 in 3D. Slightly weird and unrealistic ending, but still worth going to see. Not that I minded - I have new friends! Hooray again!

When Driven, Maybe I'll be Smitten!

Not made any progress on this front yet. Not sure what's stopping me either. Maybe once I get behind the wheel, I'll be smitten. It's just getting over that first hurdle: the telephone!

Oh well, in terms of keeping to my New Year's resolutions - revolutions, anyone? - 2013 has been a mixed bag so far. Of course, I'm getting older, so I'd better get cracking with them.

Thankfully, though, the year is still very young. Hopefully, I'll have some good news to ring in 2014 with.

Watch this (thinner) space!