Friday, 4 May 2012

Love is the Drug (that you might think of!)

Never mind listening to your partner's needs, going to relationship counsellors and all that jazz! Such a sensible approach to saving a relationship is too old hat in this day and age, so it would seem. 

According to experts, you may now be able to cut out the middle man or women and do it with a new 'love pill'. These magical pills would contain some of the same chemicals that our body produces during different stages or emotional states in a relationship. 

These would be, then:
  • oxytocin and vasopressom - hormones that surge in our body at the start of our relationship
  • pheromones - the chemicals which spark emotional response and attraction (not in a relationship right now, so I might be interested in this one!)
  • testosterone - do I even need to explain this one?
  • corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) - this little beauty generates the fear of separation
  • entactogens - create the desire for closeness and improves sociability and connection.
The odd once or twice I've come across strangers in nightclubs who, eyes bulging, and unable to sit still for more than a second, were in love with the world and everybody around them... Different kind of pill, of course. 'Eccies' or something, I think they called 'em.... !

But what if...?
What if they were to bring out such a pill legally? Would you use them, or is your relationship rock solid? Kind of funny to think that if you go through a patch in a relationship, you can have it all sorted by the time the kettle's boiled! No need for your emotions to go through the mill anymore! And you'd finally be able to turn that spare room into your Xbox room or whatever - or Narnia, as one of my relatives calls their computer room. 

And what if it was your turn to be a 'nutty professor'?
Imagine some mad fool let you loose in the scientists' lab and let you invent a pill for anything in the world. What kind of pill would you invent? Here are just a few I might want to make for myself:
  • a pill that made me dance better (a man has to know how to cut some shapes!)
  • a pill that allowed me to coordinate my colours easier
  • a pill that allowed me to read text books in seconds and absorb every single drop
  • a pill that could transport me from place to place in seconds, a bit like 'Beam me up, Scottie' but without the technology
  • a pill that could make me instantly dashingly handsome. (Oh... already had that one, have we? Okay then....!)
I put it to you....
In the name of good content, those are just a few daft, minor insecurities of my own. Like Lloyd Grossman used to do on Masterchef, deliberate, cogitate and digest them. Then get back to me with your suggestions for a wonder pill. What would you like to be better at?

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