Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Xbox - Making Peace a Two-Player Game?

Evening all!!

Moments of clarity - they're great, aren't they!

They can come at any time... You can be walking along, minding your own business, or you can be in the middle of something, when all of a sudden things become as clear as day. You can be searching like mad for inspiration that just doesn't appear, then suddenly, bang! - there it is!

The other day I had the most wonderful moment of clarity. I was just in my kitchen, making a cup of tea (the tea bag went in first, then the milk!) while my stepdad was on his Xbox -- the game was Fallout -- when it dawned on me how to bring peace to the world.

Yes, I know. It came to me just like that!

It didn't take men in suits talking around big tables to come up with it. There were no guns, tanks, soldiers, barracks, bombs or warplanes involved in the solution itself either. Just a guy playing quietly in his sitting room on a computer game.

He was playing against an online opponent. It made me think to myself: Wouldn't it be nice if instead of going to war we could just go online and sort it out all that way?

Bombs could be thrown, gunshots could be fired and buildings could be demolished, yet the only thing that might be spilled is a can of lager or cup of tea accidentally kicked over. Families wouldn't lose their homes; wives and husbands wouldn't lose their other half; and children wouldn't lose parents (or vice versa).

There seems to be no end to the things we can do on the Net these days: shop, play games, chat to friends, share photos, download music, watch TV, etc. Can we not solve all conflict on there, too?

I really hope we can.

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