Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How customer service can make you a better person

I'm lucky enough to have two part-time jobs right now. One allows me to pen a few lines for a hotel company, which I enjoy. The other is in customer service, allowing me to meet and be myself with different people every shift, which I also enjoy. 

I smile and wish the good a safe journey home. I smile and wish the bad the same but throw an apology into the mix to ease their grievances. A kind smile goes a long way.

The job teaches values that could change the world and maybe ourselves if we tried a little harder. When a customer gets shirty I don't fly off the handle; instead I smile. When a customer gets impatient I smile and politely ask them to bear with me; then when I serve them I thank them for their patience. It goes a long way.

Being patient and tolerant at work, as well as being naturally pleasant, makes me more so outside of it. This is especially so when I'm in a queue and the customer in front of me is giving someone else some grief. And when I smile at my customers, they walk away - I hope - feeling better.

Maybe if we all worked in customer service we'd learn to be more tolerant, more compassionate and more patient and behave better towards others. Ultimately, we'd be more pleasant. 

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world like that?

Most certainly. I can but dream though.

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