Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Winter's Tale

Buy a good hat, a few thermal vests, a few fleeces and you'll be ready when winter comes calling, I guess. 

Whack on the heating for an hour, close the doors and wrap up well meanwhile. Turn it off an hour later, stay wrapped up and you won't feel the cold for most of the day indoors. You'll also keep your energy bill down slightly. Bonus!

Heat your room by putting plenty of candles in it. In the period dramas on TV they use them to provide light. It's only a few winters ago I realised they generate a surprising amount of heat too! Well, duh, I know, but still... you'll be surprised how much warmer you'll feel with a candle or two in the room. 

But be careful if you're having guests round: you don't want them to think you're luring them into some kind of love-nasium (whether this is your intention or not!)! Oh and you don't want to burn down your house, either! That won't keep you warm.

Foodwise, you can't beat a good old bowl of soup! Go for a thick soup, such as leek and potato. This will fill you up and, into the bargain, you can save yourself some money. Can't be bad!

Well, that's all the tips I can offer you at the moment, but I'm always on the lookout for new ones. What's your strategy? How do you brace yourself for this chilly season?

I'll get some soup warmed up for us while you ponder it over. Is leek and potato all right for you?

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