Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Joy of Socks

We're now midway into November and Christmas is hurtling towards us. It's hurtling towards you and, if you're anything like me, loads of other useless Christmas shoppers!

Each year it gets that little bit harder to avoid buying the same thing for the same person two years running! I love to find something original for my friends and family if I can.

But some things you shouldn't feel bad about: giving someone the same gift two consecutive Christmases is one of them. It's definitely the thought that counts. And we'll always need socks!

Buy me book tokens, shower gel / aftershave sets or Christmas editions of my favourite sweets - those who know me also know the possibilities are endless! - and you'll hit the mark every time. I'll happily receive them till my dying day. Hopefully that particular moment is still some time away!

I've already started my Christmas shopping and this year I'm going about it differently! I'm buying something practical and something original for each person. Translation: a smellies set per person and a gift with that extra bit of thought gone into it. If I don't succeed with one I can't fail with the other - and if neither does the trick you can't say I didn't try!

I'll intersperse this all with afternoons in Costa café to keep myself sane come the Christmas hustle and bustle!

That's how I'll be playing St Nick. How about you? 

Oh and now you know what I like, you can't say you didn't know what to get me.

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