Friday, 16 March 2012

Betty III

It's been little more than a year since you left us. I thought about you and cried.

Just after you left us, we all met again for breakfast at your place, as we do every Sunday. There we all were, sitting and chatting and munching on chocolates, sausage rolls and other goodies as always. And yet something just didn't feel right. 

All the while I kept hoping, stupid as it sounds, that any moment you'd come in to offer or bring me another cup of coffee. You didn't. You couldn't. It was like being with you at the funeral parlour, where I kept willing you to say something. Of course, you didn't. You couldn't.

We're all still looking after each other, as is the Jones way, and doing our best to look after Grandad. You brought us all together and now in death you hold us all together.

I listened to a really beautiful song the other day called 'Drops of Jupiter'. I'd always thought it was a love song about a girl who had left behind her partner to find something better. Curious about the lyrics, I decided to look them up on the internet. 

It turns out that the songwriter wrote it for his mother, who passed away from cancer. He woke up one day with the words 'now that's she's back in the atmosphere' in his head and was inspired by the idea that no one ever really leaves us. 

Seeing how we're still all holding together one year on, maybe he was right. Maybe no one ever really does leave us. I hope it's true. I really do.

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