Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Forget about the Blues

The hard workers that we are, a lot of us feel the Monday morning blues. 

It's only natural. You've had a marvellous weekend with the family, free of troubles and strife. Or, if you're single like me, with friends or simply relaxing by yourself in that trusty third place. 

Monday morning strikes, the alarm goes off on and the Monday blues go straight to work! It's cold outside. It's back to the grind.

You graft away Monday to Friday to put food on the table, pay the rent, or mortgage, and keep the broadband, TV licence, gas and electric wolves all from the door. 

Suddenly, you're back on top of the world. You're back in the game! You're tickety boo! You've got that Friday feeling! 

The traffic jam on the way home is more bearable. You don't mind if the train or bus is slightly late. You'll even happily stand a bit longer at the supermarket checkout or in the queue in the petrol station easier. What's the rush? It's Friday.

What about Wednesday?

English is a a funny old thing, though. We have the 'Monday morning blues' and 'Friday feeling' to describe these sensations. But what do we have for the mid-week sensations?

You know, the feeling that you're already half way through the week and it's only two more days before you can turn off the alarm for the weekend. 

Any suggestions?

Here are a few of mine:
  • the Wednesday we're nearly theres
  • the Wednesday expectations
  • the Wednesday well being
The thesaurus offered 'seventh heaven' as an option. Wednesday seventh heaven? Maybe that's going a little too far!

I'm sure you can do better than these. I'd love to hear what you come up with. 

Have some fun and banish your own Monday blues with my little challenge. You've got till the Wednesday (insert suggestion) to post your entry!

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