Saturday, 23 March 2013

'It's not you, it's me'

There was a time when I was impatient to log in to Facebook and see what was going on, see people's pictures of the night before the morning after, of the birthdays I couldn't be there for, of the newborn babies I couldn't hold and other such happy moments. 

But now I've fallen out of love with Facebook. After several updates in which Facebook has changed my privacy settings to 'Public' without my say-so, I've started phasing the once-good book out of my life. 

And not content to lock horns with just Google, Facebook plans to take on Twitter with some hashtag functions of its own. The chances are once Facebook gets its own function up and running, my news and views will yet again be open to all and sundry. 

But having a Facebook account is like having a passport. Everyone has one. So I'll be keeping my account for the sake of keeping in touch with my friends and family. 

Driven into the arms of another
Many entries ago, I declared my love for Facebook. Twitter was the one playing gooseberry. My how they've traded places since then.

Twitter is more open. When I tweet I already know the whole world can see it, and that they can see it because it's my decision - not Facebook's - to let them. There aren't any secrets between Twitter and I, and anything that happens between us stays between us.

So Twitter has stolen my heart, though I suppose one day I'll come crawling back to Facebook. 

The thing is, love is hard to find but easy to lose. Things just won't be the same again between the two of us. 

It's hard to love someone you don't trust anymore.  

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