Friday, 31 August 2007

British Botched-Job Corporation

Just wanted to say how nice it is to see the BBC getting things wrong and receiving the due backlash and relevant fines for it.
  • First they fake the results of a Blue Peter competition - how's that for low?
  • Then they broadcast our beloved lady of the "Annus horribilis" -as opposed to the "horribilus anus"-, HM Queen Elizabeth II, apparently throwing a tantrum (we didn't know she had it in her!).
  • Now they've committed the cardinal sin of cutting out part of Metallica's performance at the Live Earth concert, which has led it to issue a frank apology (hey that makes it a hat-trick!) to us shaggy-haired rocker types. Apology begrudgingly accepted!
Amazingly, despite all the revenue from the inflated licence fee, the BBC still belts out nothing but cheap soaps and episode after episode of "classic comedy" (in the current climate of "think green" maybe it's their idea of recycling), yet the entertainment value actually comes in the form of broadcasting misdemeanours and watching them splutter and bash out apologies faster than Dad's Army re-runs, sorry, classic comedies, keep forgetting.
I say it's high time we scrapped the licence fee. Who needs a TV when we can get our movies from the internet pirates and our other viewing kicks from YouTube?
Failing that, just buy yourself a TV anyway and forget about the licence fee if you live on the top floor. Whenever the doorbell rings, simply check from on high. If they're carrying a clipboard and an apologetic look on the face, you're out!

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