Friday, 31 August 2007

Devils in Disguise


Can't wait to see the Formula One kick back off, now that we have a new rising star to place our hopes and dreams in, an inspiration to boy racers everywhere: Mr Lewis Hamilton. It's fabulous to see the roar of a British driver's engine make the rest of the world stand up and listen again. After all, Coulthard and Button have put on a poor show on our behalf.

I've never liked Alonso. Dull, arrogant and stroppy have always been the things that spring to mind at the mention of his name. They still do so after his little performance in the pit lane the other day. Incidentally, a rumour has come to my attention that he ain't as squeaky clean as he'd have us believe; that, allegedly, he's never thought twice about necking some beer and doing the dirty on his other half - hijo de perra!

But what about Mr Hamilton? Isn't he a little bit on the naughty side too? Understandably, after 10 years with McLaren, he's not gonna move over for the world champion just like that. For me, that's the source of the rift between the two drivers (not that anyone would actually like to be matey with Alonso anyway- Massa's much more fun!). That's the thing causing the team strategy to go pear-shaped. Not to mention the fuel being added to the fire by the revelation that young Lewis is getting it on with the boss's daughter.
I've also been informed that the calm and collected Mr Raikonnnen is not what he seems either. Allegedly, the Finn of few words likes to live it up a little and is said to have been caught with two ladies in his hotel room, naturally following a couple of beers, cocktails or whatever the clandestine hellraiser's tipple of choice maybe.

All that glitters may not be gold. It all reminds me of the scandals involving the England players and the infamous 'Dentist's Chair', a chair unlike like the one in my dear Mr Fletcher's local practice ( How you diddlin'?). They weren't discreet about practices of theirs improper of sportsmen and it made us angry.

But maybe next time we're slagging off Alonso, we should remember that he who is without sin should cast the first stone - and that might not be Hamilton.

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