Saturday, 15 September 2007

Lucky Man


Ladies and gentleman, I must confess to having been an extremely lucky man yesterday. As I dashed out for the train to Barcelona the following contents, oblivious to me, took leave of my wallet: credit card, social security card, health insurance card, Makro card plus a not-so-valuable points card. I'd like to think that everything has its logical explanation, so when I pulled out my wallet in Barcelona to find I had only the cash card I reasoned -falsely now, I admit- that they must all have been lying safely on the coffee table at home.

So you can imagine my surprise, not to mention gratitude, to receive a call at the lunch table from Caixa Catalunya savings bank, telling me they had all my cards safely stored behind the service desk, and not gathering dust on the aforementioned coffee table as I'd calmly assured myself! The bank informed me that a senior citizen had found them all lying on the pavement by the train station and handed them into the nearby chemist's, thinking they must have belonged to a customer, and that the chemist had then passed them on to the bank in the square there.

Fate had it that in this day and age of dishonesty my property fell into the right hands. So I shall be popping into the chemist's next week to express my gratitude. But as for the observant and honest senior citizen, I've not the faintest idea who it could have been, so if you're reading this, Sr, I'd just like to say a heartfelt thank you for doing me such a good turn. I just wish I could say this to you in person.

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