Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Transylvania Chronicles - Day Nine

9th September 2007,
Sabadell, SPAIN

Now that we have said goodbye to this delightful country, how would I describe Rumania? I would say it's a very open country, one where several languages, besides Rumanian, are understood. Yes, "open" would be the best description for me. There were very few people, even in some of the most remote places, who couldn't string together a few words in English. All the same, I'd like to return some day with some Rmanian in my head.

I hate to sound like a capitalist here, but I'd say "value for money" also springs to mind. Generally everything was much cheaper than we imagined, something which you may or may not have gathered in the course of these chronicles. Especially the food (how i love a good meal!). Rumania is definitely the kind of country you want to come to with an empty suitcase!

The scenery: picturesque. The roads are rocky, but the views of the mountains, and from there, are magnificent, the kind that make us realise we're mere mortals compared to the natural world. A feast for photographers, especially rural Romania with its painted houses and the crosses in the gardens.

How was the tour? Fabulous. I'd do it all over again. I hope to come back some day, maybe see a different part of Rumania and learn more. Besides the beautiful views and places of interest, the other thing that made it great was the company. It's a shame our paths have never crossed earlier in life, but I'm sure I'll see them again because these have been the days.

With these words I draw these chronicles of this voyage to a close. Goodbye, Rumania, and moltmesc. Maybe we'll meet again some day.

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