Monday, 17 September 2007

Once in this Rocker's Lifetime...


Isn't life unfair sometimes? Or could we actually say it's fair? All depends how you look at it, I guess. Have been in Spain for nearly three years and, wanting all my life to see him play, have missed Bruce Springsteen come to town year after year, the radio announcing tickets have sold out yet again in a record number of hours. And I've always wondered, how do people do it? Are they stalking him? Are they bugging his phone? Intercepting his post? Just how the hell do they find out?

But this year, my friends, I'm delighted to be on the ball and know that the Boss is coming to Bilbao National Exhibition Centre on November the 26th of 2007, with the tickets going on sale October the 9th of 2006, just kidding, 2007, I'm not that competitive! So, yes, this year I'm thrilled to be actually in with a chance of living a dream (that of living out my Summer of 69 guitar fantasy at the graduation leaving dinner escaped way back in 2004!). Come midnight, Monday the 8th of October, my computer will be switched on, the Messenger sign on "Not available" and I'll be hammering on the keys in the battle for the tickets, the adrenaline pumping round my fingers!

So where's the catch? Well, guess who's reforming after 19 years for a one-night only concert in London? Here's a clue: Stairway to Heaven. Yep, that's right, Page, Plant and Jones, joined by Jason Bonham (John Bonham's son) are back together for a tribute gig to the founder of Atlantic records. And would you Adam and Eve the date of the gig? - November 26th of 2007! What is a boy to do! Opt for Jimmy Page ripping through "Black Dog", or watch Bruce whip up thousands into a frenzy with "Born to Run"?

Chances are I'd never get over to the UK for the Zep anyway. So I'll curse our friend Murphy, but I'll happily console myself with being in-the-know as to Brucie's arrival and the chance to welcome him to Bilbao. After all, if ever people should ask, "Where were you when Led Zeppelin reformed?", I'll then be able to reply "In a Bruce Springsteen concert." And it's not often you get to say that, is it?

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