Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'Gone Fishing'

Addressing you today, my dear reader, as a copywriter. I picked up a terrific tip from the copywriting e-zine The Writer and decided to pass it on.

This article was about the power of the 'Out of Office' reply and it hit the nail bang on the nut. I'd never thought about it before but, yeah, the automatic reply is a great opportunity to sell both your service and yourself. An absolute corker, in fact! 

Instead of putting 'Currently out of the office on business. Will be back on blah blah...', go for something that's witty, chirpier or shows a touch of character. You could tell the client about:
  • how you're on holiday strolling round in a loud shirt
  • how you're sitting in the dentist's chair hoping you'll still come out with all your teeth
  • how you're in the doctor's waiting room and are onto your tenth issue of Bella.
Personality is a vital part of copywriting. Cliches and stock phrases assassinate copy whereas a sprinkle of personality brings it to life. It makes the copy fresh and invigorating while still gunning for its main objective: to sell or persuade.

But remember to include the number and/or email of the person assigned to solve your client's particular pickle while you're away. If not, you could come across as a bit of a joker. You're still still trying to do business, don't forget!


  1. Sign on the door to my flat:

    "I'm reading Peter's blog so DON'T INTERRUPT!"

  2. Haha, thanks!!! Clear and concise! You'll make a great copywriter!