Wednesday, 29 June 2011

L-O-V-E Spells Coincidence!

Have you ever seen that film High Fidelity? The one where John Cusack meets up with his ex-girlfriends to find out where he went wrong with them, why his relationships keep breaking down.

I'm sure we all have reflexive moments like this from time to time. Not so much stalking our ex-girlfriends, no, but maybe just a moment in the day, week or month when you think about the past... try to learn from it. In fact, I've just got an email from a friend who was doing this in their message. 

Just yesterday evening, I was thinking about loves I've won, lost and never enjoyed in return, when I came to a curious and equally random conclusion: the name of nearly every woman I've been attracted to begins with either M or L!

Only three haven't. Even then, two of those have both begun with C (the other was an A), so maybe I can throw this into the mix as well!

I love a woman with dark hair and a sense of humour. But if you like the cut of my jib and have neither of them, or just one, fear not. According to life's plan, love may still blossom as long as your name begins with L or M! And you can just imagine what L and M in the same name would do to me! (LM or ML, I'm not fussy!)

Okay, so it's all coincidence and I'm just having some fun with this post, true as it is. But I'd love to hear the amusing coincidences (unless you consider this post completely sad!) you've identified in your own life.

I'm going to leave you with one-hit wonder Lou Vega while you have a little think. He likes a little bit of... Well, enjoy the track and see for yourself! What did her say her name was again?

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  1. It also spells Lots Of Valentine Emotions,

    or Lights Over a Venice Evening

    or Lovely Ovetures of Voluptious Eagerness