Thursday, 16 June 2011

Like a Box of Chocolates

Was just browsing on Facebook last night when I saw some friends had joined one of those little 'statement-type' groups on there. You know, the kind with sentimental statements about broken hearts or trust or friendship, or with a cool or amusing line as the title. 

'I Wish Music Played During Epic Moments of my Life and Not Just in Movies' - that was one of the groups I was in. The title made me smile, though later on I deleted it - not my smile (that always stays on!)! There are only so many meaningless updates I can handle on my News Feed.

But it got me thinking: if you had to choose a soundtrack to your life, what would it be? What song would go perfect with your life? 

Something cheerful, like Walking on Sunshine, or something sadder, such as I Don't Want to Talk About It? Or would something more dramatic fit the bill, say Carmina Burana (that epic song from the 80s Old Spice ad!)? You may even be a bit of a hellraiser and want a little Born to Be Wild to go with your rebellious ways! 

Perhaps you're a happy-go-lucky person and something relaxed and cheerful would be more up your street. Soul Man? Or do you have some yearning ambition or dream still to live or fulfil? In that case, a little Born to Run might be more to your taste. Suits you, sir!

I'd love to hear what you'd have on your own personal musicography, and why. Maybe you know me personally and have a few suggestions for mine. If so, go easy on the why, yeah! What with the truth hurting and all that jazz hahaha!


  1. I guess Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen would fit most of my life pretty well. It does seem rather epic and, in my fantasy at least, it is populated by gods and heroes and mythical creatures.

    Another apt simile would be Haydn's Surprise Symphony, which he intended as a joke to jolt slumbering listeners to attention. Fate and destiny have played their fair share of jokes on me, as well!

  2. Hey Wordmaze!!!

    Thanks for your comments! Loved that first one about mythical creatures and heroes! I life full of heroes sounds cool!