Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Raising the (Boss) Tone

A couple of weeks ago, I locked horns with the ska band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. In my post 'Lowering the (Boss) Tone', I set myself the fun and lofty challenge of increasing this blog's Google ranking when people searched for the term 'The Impression That I Get'.

To recap, here were just a few of the ways I outlined to achieve this:
  • Incorporating keywords naturally into the post
  • Displaying the music video
  • Encouraging feedback
Where did I go from there?
At the time I posted the article, my blog came up on the sixth page of Google hits. Not so brilliant. SEO is a tricky task because there are so many competing websites out there on the internet. So perseverance (and good SEO) are key.

After writing the article, I had the brainwave of revising my meta description (the website description you see in Google). This gave me the chance to slip in some more keywords. 

I took another look at related terms too - such as 'lyrics the impression that i get' and 'guitar chords the impression that i get' - in the Google keyword tool. This create the opportunity to add more keywords and bring the page up for related searches.

How did I get on?
Sounds like an episode of Blind Date, doesn't it!

The blog jumped up from the sixth page to the fourth page for 'the impression that i get'. Better still,it hits page 1 of Google if you type 'the impression that i get blog' or 'the impression that i get blogspot'.

What happens next?
Chuffed as I am with my progress, there's still a bit to go before I give myself any congratulatory pats on the back.

One of the key ways to optimise a blog or website is by providing fresh content. Having written today's post, seized the chance to repeat some of the original keywords and interlinked the two posts, it should climb even further now.

From there I'll reanalyse the post and the blog until I either topple the Bosstones or at least am up there sitting pretty with them. Sometimes if you can't beat 'em, joining 'em ain't so bad! But only sometimes...

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