Thursday, 5 April 2012

What's my age again?

Read a Guardian article about one of my celebrity crushes, Jennifer Aniston, recently and how we'll never see her on the cover of Vogue magazine. The reason? Her demands for the right to approve and veto copy and photos of herself. 

I have to admit she was starting to look her age. Naturally, she was still beautiful with it! *cuddles up lovingly and sucks up*

For reasons even my active mind can't understand, Andy Warhol popped into my head. With his trademark white-grey hair, he looked fairly old in his time. Older than he was, I believe.

From there my mind took another random leap, this time to a photo in a book I'd read about Michel Foucalt, the French philosopher (told you it was active!). Just like Warhol wore white hair to obscure his real age, Foucalt refused to let anyone categorise his views or persona.

It all got me thinking about how we become more age conscious as we grow older. Some people like to hide their age. Some people are proud of their age. Some people look their age. Some people don't (that would be me!). Some people act their age... and some people don't (I may be guilty of that sometimes!). 

Some people long to be young again. Others long to be older. But personally, even though I'm still a whippersnapper in body and spirit, I think being older can be a good thing:
  • You've lived. 
  • You take things in your stride easier. 
  • You have stories to tell. 
  • You have the common sense that comes with life experiences.
Best of all... If you have enough fun, people will think you're younger anyway!

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