Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Great Kiss Off

Did you feel lots of love in the air yesterday, but don't know why? 

Well, that's because it was National Kissing Day. Millions of lucky Brits -no, that's not a euphemism!- locked lips for the occasion! Either with a loved one or with a complete stranger - people are less fussy these days!

Now you're in on the secret, who would you have puckered up to? Don't be shy... even humble bloggers like me can keep a secret! She or he can be famous or they can be the girl/guy next door. It's your fantasy, so you decide!

I always find funny women attractive so, celeb-wise, I have a raging soft spot for Jennifer Anniston (back in her later Friends days!) and Lauren Laverne. As a northern boy like me would say: they're class!  

On a non-celeb level and every bit as elegant, there is a girl I'd have liked to whip out the mistletoe half a year early for (and happily leave it hanging there!). But now's not the time and she'll probably be the one that got away.
In the meantime, I'll thank the world for my marvellous family and friends, good health and my job. I'm a single guy.

For all of that I can kiss Life!

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  1. That's set me thinking... Who would I kiss? But kisses change, eventually. You start off kissing your parents goodnight, then you kiss your partner or loves, and finally it comes around to kissing grandchildren. But kisses are free and they're fun or sweet or just plain part of our lives. So thanks for setting the thought rolling, Sir Peter!