Friday, 22 July 2011

The Everyday Loves You!

On my way to work I dropped into the baker's for some breakfast. I'm partial to doughnuts and cakes that have custard fillings, but, alas, there were none. So I plumped for a fudge doughnut instead.

Imagine my surprise, nay delight (!) when custard oozed out of it. Fate was on my side, for it dribbled down my cleanly shaven chin but mercifully avoided my neatly ironed shirt! It was a such a sweet yet simple surprise - and what a start to the day, too!

Sometimes we lead such busy lives that we forget that the everyday is full of these little pleasures. With bills to pay, kids to raise or studies to complete, we sometimes miss them. What's yours?

Perhaps it's:
  • a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter's morning
  • heading to bed after a hard day's work
  • checking your bank account on pay day
  • finishing one good book and starting the next one
  • a hug from a loved one (I strongly endorse this one!). 
My unguilty pleasure:
I hinted at it earlier on: I love being showered and clean shaven. Nothing beats it! The warm water all over my body... the scent of my skin after I've washed the shower gel off... then the smoothness of my skin shaved down to the bone, and the fragrance of my favourite aftershave on it afterwards.

Looking sharp and feeling ready to take on whatever the day throws at me. Ooooh yeah!

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