Monday, 18 July 2011

What a Feeling!

Can you remember your first day at work and how you felt?

Tomorrow is my first day with the company and I'm rearing to explode out of the starting blocks. I have several songs in my heart - to go with the usual spring in my step- and bucketloads of enthusiasm. I feel great.

But what's the greatest feeling in the world for you? 

A few weeks ago at a barbecue, a friend was telling me that becoming a father was the best feeling in the world.

Of course, there are so many other good feelings out there, as well:
  • Success - the feeling of being the best
  • Love - can anything compare to being somebody else's world? Or even to just having such pleasant feelings for someone else?
  • Laughter - is there anything else like sharing good times with friends and family, knowing you'll look back on those moments and cherish them forever?
  • Exercise - healthy body, healthy mind! 
  • Warmth - is there anything better than sitting in front of a fire or with a steaming hot cup of tea on a cold winter's evening?

For me, love comes storming in at number one. There's nothing like that feeling of flying... of waking up with warmth in my soul. But even if the feeling isn't mutual, I still enjoy it: unrequited love can be just as sweet, you know! 

Maybe some other feeling tops all this for you? If so, you're welcome to share your good vibrations with me! 

PS. I'm not a love junkie!

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