Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sad Songs Say So Much

Had my radio on last night while I did a bit of Facebooking. As my fingers danced over the keyboard (!), the singer crooned one of the best lyrics I've heard in a while: 'the most beautiful pain in the world' - referring to love, of course, what else!.

I couldn't agree more. In an earlier entry I'd wrote something similar: of unrequited love being just as sweet and as fun. I stand by it. And I'm pleased that someone out there is on the same wavelength as me - even if they are doing it for money haha!

So today I'd like to ask, what's the best song lyric you've heard recently? Or is there one you've always liked and want to share with me? Please do. I might check out some of these songs later.

A Few to Get You Thinking

Here are a few I've always liked or that have come into my head lately. See if you can guess which songs they come from:

(1) Lovers always come and lovers always go 
     And no one's really sure of letting go today
     Walking away...

(2) It's been 10 years or maybe more since I first laid eyes on you
     The best years of my life go by
     Here I am alone and blue...

(3) I know all kinds of shoes have been under your bed
     Now I sleep with my boots on
     But you're still in my head...

(4) You ask me if I've known love
     And what it's like to sings in the rain
     Well, I've seen love come
     And I've seen it shot down
     I've seen it die in vain...

These are just a few personal favourites. I could go on forever. Actually, if I run out of ideas, maybe I'll give you another dose of this in my next entry as well haha!

If you've not guessed them all, here's a video to give you a hand. And if you've still not got them, the answers are underneath:

1. November Rain - Guns 'N' Roses; 2. Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin; 3. Hole in my Soul - Aerosmith; 4. Blaze of Glory - Jon Bon Jovi

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