Tuesday, 23 August 2011

That innocent way about them

If you asked my friend 'Who'd win in a techie war - Steve Jobs or God?' he'd answer 'Steve Jobs is God.' In a matter of seconds, your trick question would have backfired on you!

He loves all things Apple. Their 'his' brand and can do no wrong. I've got to admit they're pretty good!

When I'm not ensconced in a crime or spy novel, I read books on marketing and business for my work (copywriter). After reading A Book About innocent: Our Story, I think this quirky smoothy company is 'my' brand. (If you're thinking of starting your own business it's well worth a read.)

Why? Well, I love their values and principles, their interaction with their customers and their ethical way of running the business. Most of all, I love their creativity, warmth and sense of fun! And how can any copywriter not worth their salt dislike the copy on innocent labels! The drinks are non too bad either!

So yeah, innocent are my brand. Now grab a smoothy and tell me which is yours.


  1. I do like Innocent, their copy always sounds really fresh, like their brand!

    My favourite brand is probably Google. They always seem to be at the forefront online, pushing new technologies forward.

    It's interesting that their brand is, in essence, finding innovative ways to create and promote other brands.

    They're synonymous with a constantly changing digital World, at the forefront of the digital landscape; a brand of today and a brand of the future.

  2. My favourite brand is definitely Coca Cola. I love the Christmas adverts, they invoke all the magic of that time of the year! Brilliant!

  3. @Lisa - funny you should mention Coca Cola...

    Innocent are hinting they might sell to Coca Cola according to Brand Republic this morning...

  4. Hey everybody!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment on it.

    @James I'd agree with you on Google. They're a real titan, employing something like 12,000 people now. Constantly in expansion and changing the face of online marketing (because we're all SEO-ing).

    @Lisa Well done for mentioning Coca Cola! I watched a programme last year on the top 100 Christmas adverts. Coca Cola was right up there at no 2, pipped to the post by Marks and Spencer. There's definitely a real magic about them.

    @John Turnbull Thanks for the article about innocent and Coca Cola. Well, innocent are pretty open about their partnership with Coca Cola, but I don't think they'd sell the rest of the company to them. I think to do that would go against their principles, since they currently have full control of the company. But only time will tell, of course.

    Interestingly, social responsibility has become a big consideration now in marketing, branding, etc., and we are seeing MNCs like Coca Cola fund social projects, initiatives and good causes more.