Monday, 8 August 2011

The Company of Strangers

I remember when I first started this blog. In one post in particular I commented how train delays brought strangers closer together. Well, I'm feeling kinda daft today and I'm going to come back to it.

My question is, what is the funniest thing you would like to see happen between two strangers in everyday life?  Noticing how people sleep on the train from work, I'd love to see one stranger zonk out on a complete other stranger's shoulder next to them, cuddling up to them as they do it.

The sight of that would cheer me up after a hard day's work. The image of them both waking up and exchanging apologies or embarrassed smiles, or even laughing about it together... Yeah, that makes me laugh. Wouldn't it you?

I have to commute to work myself. So who knows... Maybe I'll meet my next partner that way. I'd have to be the sleeping one though. I don't see a working girl getting a comfortable hour's shuteye on my shoulders, the commuting equivalent of lumpy pillows!

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