Friday, 19 August 2011

Looking for a fourth place?

Suppose you need a place where you want to avoid home life and work and don't want to spend money or interact in your third place. Where do you go?

The hopeless romantic in me would like to say the answer's written in the wind. But it ain't - it's written in cyberspace, a world in itself these days!

Just a few months ago, my friend sent me this truly wonderful link: It allows you to transport yourself to just about anywhere in the world - far beyond my third place, Costa cafe! - and enjoy a panoramic view of landmarks, big international events and other cool stuff. 

And you don't have to stop at a fourth place either. Treat yourself to a fifth, sixth or as many as you want! So far I've:
  • stood at the top of Mount Everest
  • attended a UN General Assembly
  • marvelled at Machu Pichu
  • been at the French presidential election 2007 (I think I got lost that time!)
  • and received an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (my personal favourite).
Other fourth places you can go to? Well, maybe you can take refuge in your dreams. They're always a welcome haven.

Or you can disappear into the shoulder of your partner. Your head will fit perfectly between their shoulder and neck. Then they can run their fingers through your hair, transporting you to anywhere but here. 

I'm single at the moment, so that'll be one panoramic walk along the Great Wall of China for me please, barman!

Where would you make your fourth place?

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