Sunday, 27 March 2011

Viva la Originality!

'Don't be a raincloud just because you can't be a star.'

This cheerful little phrase is my mantra. I've no wish to infect others with my own despair!

That inspires me. Now it's your turn. 

Is there some ingot of wisdom in particular, or maybe a story or experience, that makes you tick? Or is there something else that keeps the glint in your eye?

As a blogger and copywriter, I constantly have my eyes peeled (ouch!) for things that will trigger an intriguing blog article or generate a fresh, engaging piece of copy.

Just yesterday I was reading an interview with Will Awdry, the creative director of the London branch of Ogilvy, the advertising agency. Mid-way through the interview, he said the most marvellous thing:

'Originality is never dead.' 

That's a gift of a quote for creative people! I liked it so much that I jotted it down in case it ever comes in handy for a work project.

In fact, a lot of people could apply Awdry's quote to their lives too. For if you've never been able to settle or find what you're looking for in life, the world will always have something new for you to discover.

But fall out of love with the world?

Not on your life! I've got originality to find!

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