Monday, 21 March 2011

Pete the Blade!

Another good evening to you, my cyberspace friends!

We all have something that we'd dearly love to do in life but have never gotten round to. What's yours, and why?

Mine is rollerblading!

For years and years I've wanted to do it. Besides seeking a fun and free way to exercise, I've longed to glide as free as a bird down the streets and feel the wind whistle past my ears.

A few years ago, I did actually start to learn, but, as is always the case, I fell down and never took to the piste... okay, street, again. My trusty blades then stayed in a cupboard somewhere for years, gathering dust.

I've decided that that, however, has all got to change!

This year I plan to put it all behind me and strap those babies back on. I want to be able to whizz around 'Redders', or around wherever love, work or life leads my slightly tubby keyster.

As Irene Cara sang, you can dance right through your life. But when it comes to dancing, though, my coordination takes a taxi home and leaves me in David Brent-crab dance mode! Two left feet, ten left toes and a pair of elephant's heels -- that's me!

So maybe instead I can learn to skate through my life -- of course, that and blog my way through it!

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