Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mommy, They're Here?

Remember this: 'They're here'?
That was the 1980s and from those rocking Poltergeist films of course.

But in 2011, a family in Coventry has now told ITN news they're living in a house haunted by a poltergeist, having noticed these eery phenomena happening in it:
  • pots moving (yikes!)
  • lights turning on and off (crikey!)
  • drawers shutting (Mary, mother of God!)
  • doors slamming shut (somebody call an exorcist!).
The poltergeist has even been accused of murder. A veterinary postmortem implied the family dog died because it was pushed down the stairs.

A medium has confirmed the presence of the poltergeist, and a priest has advised them not to stay (hey, I bet they never thought of that!). Scared out of their wits, the family have had an exorcist round to drive out the 'geist.

A spokeswoman from Bridge Group Ltd stated that previous tenants in the flat had not reported any similar problems. But let's face it ...If there had been, they were hardly going to tell prospective tenants, were they?

...Oh yeah, by the way, some of your pots might go floating across the room on an evening ...and the odd door might slam from time to time, but really, you're gonna love this place!


Well, desperate to prove they're no double-yolkers, the family earnestly recorded a few of these incidents on camera.

Judge for yourself:

Have to admit it seems like something of a wind-up!

Seriously ...The floor is out of shot. It doesn't take a special FX guru to hook up an ultra-fine thread - virtually invisible to the camera - and pull the door open or the chair across the floor (I once had a toy that worked like that!). And wasn't that camera was conveniently placed!

But more generally, do you believe there's actually something out there; that there are forces from a world we can't explain?

Or is it simply because scientists haven't barked up the right tree yet, and that one day they'll discover a new magnetic force, type of electron or something that causes this stuff to happen?

Either way, these things are still gonna freak us out until we find a solid explanation for what's behind it all.

In the meantime, though, it's great 'sleepover party'  material, not to mention good for... Hey, did anybody hear something just then?


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