Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rekindling my Affection?

A fine afternoon to you, dearest reader!

Thought I'd tell you about my latest love interest.

Her name's Kindle.

Slinky, dark and slender, I can take her anywhere. She's so petite... so elegant... she never looks or feels out of place. As well as all that, she's extremely practical.

The first date cost around 111 to 150 pounds, but since then she's been fairly low maintenance! 

If you've not guessed, the object of my affections is Amazon's e-reader, the Kindle.

I've had one since Christmas now and am over the moon with it.

That's because:
  1. it saves loads of bookshelf space;
  2. it's small and light, and easy to carry around or store;
  3. it has a built-in dictionary;
  4. it has a notes and highlighter function for studying;
  5. the books are cheaper;
  6. you can download the books in seconds;
  7. you can get free books for it;
  8. I can be a book nerd and still look fly!
Being a proud Kindle owner won't stop me from strutting into Waterstones from time to time, though.

Perusing the shelves and reading blurbs is part of the fun. Finding a novel that's not vampire fiction is also a wholesome challenge.

I'll still frequent charity shops for a bargain book to get cosy with, too. They did get me started on James Ellroy after all!

But the Kindle and I are an item now. That's something the 'Stones' will have to accept, or at least they'll have to work harder for my affection.

We can still be friends, though.

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