Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You Snooze, You Lose ...Or Do You?

Good evening, dear reader, wherever you may be!

A nice feelgood article - or maybe feelbad one, depending on how you look at it - in The Sun online today about a guy who scooped 17.8 million after his girlfriend left him for being dull.

The girl herself has been dubbed Britain's unluckiest woman following the ill-timed split. In all fairness, the guy did list sleeping as his hobby, so
maybe she had good reason to head for the door.

Fair play to her, though, for not crawling back and sniffing around for a few quid. Congratulations to him as well - with 17.8 million quid in his wallet, I guess he'll somehow find a way to mend his broken heart!

Meanwhile, I'm back on the singles market and fancy-free.

It's not so bad, but to whoever walks into my life next (preferably, brunette!), I hope you'll stand by me even if:
  • I'm always leaving coffee cups lying around; 
  • I'm trapped in the 1980s;
  • I'm always geeking it up on the Net;
  • I'm mad for my bed (it's not a hobby, though!).
If you can't, then at least stick around until the numbers have been drawn, babe.

For you never know - my next phone call might be a celebratory one from Argentina, rather than from work to ask if there's anything we need from the supermarket on the way back!

After all, I still have the whales to see!

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