Thursday, 24 March 2011

'There's something strange about her...'

It's a bit late for that, Papa Gaga! She'll never be normal... unless you know loads more 24-year-old millionairesses.

Apparently, Lady Gaga's dad wants her to stay 'slightly normal', so she only has her tattoos done on the left-hand side of her body. 

Both useless and amusing, this item from The Sun online got me thinking about quirky behaviour and how we all have traits that bring a smile to others' faces.

What's yours?

I have a friend who only eats skinny chips (that's not a cover for me - I've got the moobs to prove it!). One of the others always drinks his tea with the teaspoon still in the cup.

Mine, you ask? Well, whenever we have a Sunday roast for din-dins, I'll always eat the meat last. If I go shopping, I never buy the front item on the shelf. And I never sleep on my stomach; it makes me hungry.

I know, I know: with these quirky little numbers I'm going down in the Wildman Hall of Fame for sure!

Oh and one last thing... In my cups of tea the milk goes in after the water!

'Tis no quirk though, but the right way to enjoy tea!

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