Friday, 18 March 2011

Fancy a Garage Wail?

Hey, what do you think of the Foo Fighters' new campaign? Have you heard about it?

The Foos are planning something that little bit different to promote their new album, Wasting Light. Rather than play at clubs and arenas, they'll be performing at eight different garages from New York through to the grunge capital of Seattle.

The band are running a competition that gives fans the chance to host a Foo Fighters gig in their own garage. There they'll play songs from the new album, which itself was recorded in a garage.

But who would you like to have in yours, and why?

Imagine you were the most unpopular girl or guy in the school - if you're not already! - and that you could bolster your cred by having a supergroup play in your garage. Who would it be?

I'd have Bruce Springsteen or Motley Crue! Brucie because of his showmanship and his skills with the guitar and harmonica; the Crue because, besides rock, you can be sure they'd have some colourful characters with them. 

And who would you not invite?  I'd have to go with teen heart-throb Justin Bieber.

Not just because he's not even old enough to drink. More that my garage door can't keep out all those rampant, lust-filled teeny boppers. Neither can my fence cope with being scaled in the masses.

Naturally, I'm jealous of him, too. He's attracted more girls in five minutes than I have in my whole life! If only I could draw in crowds like that!

But hey, maybe I can do it with this righteous blog of mine instead!

Green-eyed monsters aside, though, I don't have the space for all those dance routines! That's the honest truth!

Oh, and for the record, I'm not the unpopular kid in school, either.

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