Monday, 28 March 2011

Fashion Industry for Pounding from Rocky and Rambo

So Sly Stallone is bringing out his own line of clothing. Well, it certainly beats bringing out your own clothesline!

Based on good ole Rocky and Rambo, the line will contain 'looks for the rebel and the gentleman', says their designer. Great! People were getting tired of the Officer and a Gentleman one, anyway!

Imagine the fun the advertisers will have coming up with names for the items and the line. Picture all those puns zipping back and forth in brainstorming sessions.

But you know what? Why should I let them have all the fun?

Here are a few suggestions of my own: 

Autumn/winter range:
'Clubber Longjohns' (in Apollo Cream colour)
'G.I.jamas' nightwear (in either First Blood red or Guerrilla Green)
'Balboa' boots
'Underdog' dressing gown (black with a challenger-yellow lining).

Spring/summer range:
'Final Bell' flip-flops
'Right hook' hooded tops
'Eye of the Tiger' T-shirts
'Victory' vests
'Survivor' sunglasses
And last but not least, of course: 'Adrian' ascot ties!

(I admit I had to graft for that last one!)

I'm a bit short on Rambo ones, it's fair to say! Do you have any suggestions you could add to the list?

But no aftershaves, please. We already have plenty of smellies, or rather stinkers, from Beckham, Britney, J-Lo and the likes.

Besides, 'Heavyweight Champ' is far too obvious!

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